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Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Me This Before?

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Hello Summer!

Many of the beautiful flowers that bloom during spring bring along with
them pesky allergies, which some experience only seasonally in the
spring while many of the rest of us continue to suffer throughout the
summertime. In fact, more than 50 million Americans suffer from
allergies. Clearly this is why whole pharmacy aisles are dedicated to
allergy relief. But what about those who want a more natural way to
fight the good fight? Chiropractic just may offer you and your children
the relief you seek.

No matter what allergy you suffer from, your body is triggered to
respond for a single reason—your immune system is unable to tell the
difference between the harmful and the friendly. Many people believe
it’s the dust or pollen, but it’s not the allergens’ fault.
Subluxations (spinal misalignments) can also play a part, by
interfering with with the messages transmitted through the nerves,
resulting in improper immune responses.

For over a century, chiropractic patients of all ages have successfully
been able to cope with allergies by seeing their chiropractor to
correct these subluxations. Receiving chiropractic adjustments at
Kolarik Family Chiropractic can help ensure your nervous system is
free from interference and allow your body to function properly, so it
can recognize what is harmful and what is not.
This time of year is particularly important when considering
chiropractic to help relieve allergies and asthma, because vertebral
subluxations are more likely to occur now. Warmer temperatures and
longer sunlight hours beckon to us all, especially children who engage
in more outdoor activities, leading to misalignment s. And let’s not
forget those beautiful flowers in bloom and all their pollen floating
carelessly through the summer breeze.

While chiropractic care doesn’t treat symptoms, it does focus on
addressing the root cause of the body’s ability to fight off disease
and sickness, and in this case offers a natural way to help your body
cope with the impact of allergens. Not to mention a less expensive
alternative—allowing you to truly enjoy the summer ahead.
Stay Happy and Healthy,

Tom Kolarik, DC

Remember your nerves control everything.

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